Join us on December 3, 2019, as the Education and Outreach committees of the Guitar Society of Brantford and the Sauble Beach Guitar Festival, in partnership with the University of Toronto presents the VI annual “Guitar Congress” - a celebration of guitar ensembles in the GTA. This season we will host 3 secondary schools (over 100 participants!) who will perform for each other, receiving coaching, perform en masse, and discuss the future of guitar education in schools. The day will culminate with a recital by the University of Toronto Undergraduate Guitar Orchestra under the direction of Dr. Jeffrey McFadden; Associate Professor of Guitar Studies at the University of Toronto; 7:00pm. All events will take place at Walter Hall. 

The Faculty of Music at the University of Toronto and the Outreach Committees of Brantford and Sauble Beach are proud to provide the opportunity for GTA secondary school guitar instructors to share their music, their methods and their teaching strategies with colleagues. With changing music education models at all levels, the Guitar Congress is now in a unique position to play a leading role putting the guitar at the centre of music education in our schools!

If you are a guitar educator in the GTA and would like to participate for next season (first week of December) please contact Patrick Feely at